Helping You Find Financial Freedom

Debt is a common element in everyone’s life. We all need credit from outside sources to reach our goals. Whether it is using a credit card to purchase an item, or taking out a line of credit to finance a business, debt is an essential part of life. Sometimes life’s little unexpected surprises can turn this debt into a serious burden. Job loss, medical emergency, divorce and other problems can cause financial problems.

Bankruptcy is becoming a valid solution for many people in Chicago. Over 3000 bankruptcies are filed each month in Illinois. Under federal law, bankruptcy gives you the right to cancel or reorganize your debts. Here at The Law Offices of Steven Grace we are committed to helping you understand your financial situation and to guide you through each step of the bankruptcy process.

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Experienced and Attentive Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

Our office has substantial experience in bankruptcy, and foreclosure and takes pride in making you feel at ease with your case. From the initial consultation forward, we will take an in-depth approach to every detail of your case. This is important because there are many problematic issues that can arise in a bankruptcy case.

We understand the emotional and moral issues associated with this process, and will do everything in our power to help you feel at ease.

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